Howard Dierking Shows You How to Optimize Your ASP.NET Sites

Play Howard Dierking Shows You How to Optimize Your ASP.NET Sites

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    I believe there is a bug with the CSS/ JS bundling. It appears that the hash is recalculated on EVERY request, so if you have a number of files there (for instance jQuery-UI)it adds a noticeable 6-10ms delay. On a production website this is significant. I think this work better if there was even a short e.g. 30 second cache, or better still making it regenerate when the contents of the folder changes.

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    great show guys. thanks!

    The CDN scenario that Howard talked is the one I am waiting for a long time. Here is what I do now:

    I am getting the JavaScript libraries through Nuget. So, they go to Scripts folder under the root of my project. And some css files through nuget as well (like TwBootstrap). They usually go to Content folder. By not changing the file locations, I am able to update them smoothly via nuget. So, they stay as they are. 

    But I want to get the bundled and minified files under ~/assets/js/ and ~/assets/css/ which is better for me to sync this assets folder with my CDN storage.


    • I have an xml file which I define the bundles and minification rules.
    • I have a PowerShell script which does the bundling and minification with the help of AjaxMin.exe and put the output files inside the desired folder.
    • Then I integrate this powershell code with my build script for the solution.

    Here is initial code that does this: The powershell code is really bad right now and needs to be refactored.

    I am not sure if the solution you guys are considering supports a scenario to output the files under another folder (if these are css files, there will probably be image files to go into that output dir as well.)

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    really good video content.

    Thanks for sharing.

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