Learn about the Performance Improvements in PHP on Windows from Pierre Joye and Stephen Zarkos

Play Learn about the Performance Improvements in PHP on Windows from Pierre Joye and Stephen Zarkos
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Join your guides Cory Fowler and Jaffe Worley as they talk to the product teams in Redmond as well as the web community.

This week Cory and Jaffe are joined by Stephen Zarkos and Pierre Joye to talk about PHP on Windows. Get a better understanding behind some of the performance improvements in PHP 5.5.0 on Windows, what's coming next, and how you can help contribute.

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    moodle? :D very very slow

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    I'm unable to get PHP 5.5 to work on my Azure VM/PHP 5.4.19/Web Platform Installer/WordPress/ installation.  I keep getting a "FastCGI exited unexpectedly" error when trying to switch the website from 5.4 to 5.5.

    Will PHP 5.5 reach the Web Platform Installer soon?  Stephen mentions it in the video, but it is not showing up for me.  I'm sure I'm missing some configuration bit somewhere, but I'm not a dev and already probably in a bit over my head.

    Also, will there be a WinCache for 5.5 dll?  Is one necessary, or is it ok to use the Wincache for 5.4 dll?

    Really looking forward to the opcache improvements, but I can't seem to get it working Sad 

    ps I tried copy/pasting the WebPI additions to php.ini from 5.4 to 5.5 (changing the target to 5.5), and adding wincache.dll, but that did not help.  I also tried enabling all the .dlls via the PHP Manager in IIS but that did not help, either.

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    @Mehmet, have you tested Moodle with PHP 5.5?

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