Mads Kristensen Takes the Pain Out of CSS

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If CSS has ever caused you frustration or degraded your relationship with your art director or design team, the answer to your woes is right around the corner. A few weeks ago on Web Camps TV, Mads Kristensen introduced you to Visual Studio 11 Beta's improved CSS support. If you liked that news, you'll love the new tricks Mads demonstrates in this week's Web Camps TV episode. 





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The Discussion

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    Cool stuff, nice work. 

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    Why not just support SASS or LESS for defining CSS rules  ?

    With regards to the editor features, will these send up in Web Essentials for VS2010 ?

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    Scyonx, LESS and SASS support is coming.

    Most of these features can't easily be implemented in VS2010, so I don't count on porting them to Web Essentials.

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    I might have missed it, but is there any support for multiple files? For example, a selector that is repeated in two separate stylesheets.

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    Jesse, no, not for now. Goal is to look at all .css files in the project.

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    Big aplaus to you Mads and to your team Smiley 

    Already using the vs2011 beta for production, so cant wait for a final RC.

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    Jonathan Mc Namee

    Mads, is there support for changing an existing image reference? ie: [ctrl]+[j] brings up a file picker dialog? Better still, intellisense as to whether the file actually exists, so you get an error if you have a broken reference[s] - very useful for legacy/upgrade work

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    Rasmus, thanks. I'm glad you like vs11 Smiley

    Jonathan, we are working on a new file picker for the scenario you describe. Broken references would be a cool addition. I've added that idea to our backlog. Thanks!!

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    Kamal Prasad

    I vote that the squiggly lines for warnings stay in and are turned on by default. :)
    Awesome stuff.

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    Hi All,
    Can we integrate with Sonar(Open Source Code Quality tool)?
    Is there any way for it?

    Thanks Ahead,

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