Modern Web Development Tools in Visual Studio 2015 with Mads Kristensen

Play Modern Web Development Tools in Visual Studio 2015 with Mads Kristensen

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    Alex Reid

    I would like to invite a few web coders to be in on the ground floor as we transmute our Ning network group to better platform, ready for a new web hosting. I don't have much experience with any dotnet stuff, HTML or java so I will pretty much have to relay on your guys expertise. The project is continuing to grow and there's a strong chance it will go viral within a year or 2. The site is currently here >> it has groups members profiles and forum discussions. Who has any suggestions for us?

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    Hans Schenker

    Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 has already:
    Task Runner Explorer for Visual Studio 2013
    Bower, Grunt, Gulp & npm Package Intellisense for Visual Studio 2013
    installed. (no need to download)

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    Looks like Microsoft goes away from Optimization Framework in direction of publicly used solution

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    Piotr Spikowski

    I can see it is possible to bind grunt tasks to specific Visual Studio events (after build, before build etc.). I just wonder how to relate all those grunt tasks into selected solution configurations. For example: if I request a Debug build I would like to run specific (debug) grunt task (reacting on the VS after build event). If run a Release build I want to run release grunt tasks (reacting on the same ‘after build’ VS event).

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    Mads Kristensen


    We haven't implemented that yet, but it's on the backlog to add support for binding to all the VS configuration.

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    Mads Kristensen


    Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 does not include the Task Runner Explorer nor the Package Intellisense extension. They are separate downloads you manually have to install.

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    Being able to use your already installed node tools is a big win for me.


    I'd love to see another episode on SchemaStore

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    One one hand you clearly make progress, on the other hand you spend time on implementing non-critical web dev related features, but neglect major updates to IDE which prevent it from being used by front-end developers.

    Like, for example, JSX support. There is currently 5'000 downloads of React.js library per day (from It's mega popular. But developers can't use it with Visual Studio IDE because Visual Studio lacks JSX support (when you open a React component in Visual Studio, it highlights all the lines as errors). This is the most requested feature on UserVoice, but no any updates on implementing this feature were published for months.

    Or, another issue with, is that Visual Studio forcing you to have a pre-defined project / solution structure. But would be nice, if I could just open a regular front-end project and don't need to tweak anything and Visual Studio (as simple as: File -> Project -> Open from a directory). Try to open this project in Visual Studio: React.js Starter Kit

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    Mads Kristensen


    JSX support is coming, but we haven't started on it yet. We've done the initial architecture and know how to add the support, now we just need some time to implement it. I can't make any guarantees that it will make it in to VS2015 RTM, but I hope it will.

    You can open folder based websites by doing File -> Open Website. It's a directory based project system that doesn't require any project files.

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    Note: to write (for example) an AngularJs App starting from the Empty AspNet 5 project type, you should right click on the Project File and choose 'add Grunt and Bower'

    I recommend also reading:

    I am not sure where to run Node / PowerShell from within VS2015Pre - so that I can run the Yo commands.  Suggestions?

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    Mads Kristensen

    @OzBobWa, Web Essentials 2015 has this exact feature that adds Grunt and Bower to any web project. Just right-click the project node in Solution Explorer and go to Add... -> Grunt and Bower.

    You should be able to use the Package Manager Console to execute yo commands. We'll also add a Open PowerShell Here feature to the Task Runner Explorer to make it easy to get to Powershell at the right path.

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    Great video. Very helpful in understanding the roles and uses of the various components of the new Visual Studio web tooling experience. Lots of helpful examples.

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    I have not seen any videos on how to take errors from grunt and redirect into the ui.  For instance if I were compiling less or some other type of file I would like to show errors in the vs error window and be able to double click to take me to the failing line of code.  Thanks.

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    I need to be able to accomplish this:


    is there anyway to accomplish this? 

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