.NET Framework 4.5 Support in Windows Azure Web Sites

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Join your guides Brady Gaster and Cory Fowler as they talk to the product teams in Redmond as well as the web community.

In this episode, Brady welcomes Yochay Kiriaty onto the show to introduce a great addition to the Windows Azure Web Sites platform—new support to Windows Azure Web Sites for the .NET Framework 4.5. This adds support for asynchronous ASP.NET, enhanced functionality resident in the Entity Framework 5 release (like support for spatial data), and other great features. Yochay also walks through a demonstration of load-testing Windows Azure Web Sites using WCAT, and differentiates the various hosting tiers—free, shared, and reserved. In the demo, you'll gain some insight into the heavy load your sites can achieve, and you'll be better informed about which tier you'll need to use based on the capacity needs for your site.



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The Discussion

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    Henrique Duarte

    Will this feature (.Net 4.5) be available before WP8 SDK? :)

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    thiago amarante

    when will be released. NET 4.5 on Azure Website?

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    Lars Kemmann

    Thanks very much for showing WCAT - that's the main reason I'm downloading this.  (The other, like @thiago, is to try to glean some information about the release timeframe across Azure for .NET 4.5 support, such as on Azure Services. Smiley  Would it be reasonable to say that we're looking at the winter wave for that release?  That would be great for my startup!  Especially the fully-integrated Windows Identity Foundation.)

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    Why making a video of something that isn't released yet?


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    Welcome back to Channel 9 Yochay!

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    This is great, but when will .NET 4.5 support be available for Azure Cloud Services (Web and Worker Roles)?

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    Hey guys - I just checked and my site is still not upgrade to .Net 4.5 - in the video you seem to hint the upgrades are underway and your site may have already been upgraded. I got the impression this would have been completed relatively quickly and the video was posted about 4 days ago so I guess I was expecting this stuff would be in the can at this point. Any idea how long the process should take?

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    Todd (and everyone else who asked) - Web Sites now supports 4.5, so you can dive in and start playing with async, EF spatial, and all other goodies now.

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    Good day.This is great.

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    Good stuff.This is great

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