Offline Web Based Data Storage with Cloud Sync using Angular Cloud Data Connector (ACDC)

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The Discussion

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    Does your service have support for custom API endpoints?

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    Awesome show. I've been doing Angular + Typescript development and it really looks like a great tool to try out.

    Cory, thanks for everything. I always enjoyed the show because of your questions and preparation. You will be missed. Wish you the best.

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    Great show, Cory! Nice send-off! You've done great on the show. Now you need to get back on the show as a guest to tell everyone what you're working on and it'll be even more fun! 

    Congrats on the new gig, brother!

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    @bradygaster: As I know Angular Cloud Data Connector enables Angular developers to use cloud data specifically Azure mobile service – and it does this using standard browser features including indexed DB.  This product is actively developed by the TED team assigned to the Microsoft Open Technologies Hub.

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