RaghuRam Takes a Second Lap Around ASP.NET Web API and OData

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Join your guides Brady Gaster and Cory Fowler as they talk to the product teams in Redmond as well as the web community.

This week, RaghuRam Nadiminti takes us on the second lap of our investigation into the new OData features available in ASP.NET Web API. Armed to the teeth with some awesome demonstrations, RaghuRam covers all sorts of goodness you'll want to know to be able to provide easy access to your data in queryable form. 

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The Discussion

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    What if I have an EF DbContext already in my application.... can I use that to get the entity data model?

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    Good Video. Is there a good way to mix OData and Normal Rest queries? Can I get a lot of OData capability if I make my returns IQueryable?


    And yes Brady I agree, Scarlett Johansson is awesome.

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    @scyonyx: right now, we support only EDM model's built through the ODataModelBuilder. We have plans to support other EDM models like the one from DbContext for vNext.

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    @Earl3d: what do you mean by normal rest queries? And yes, exposing an IQueryable and adding the [Queryable] attribute to your action gives you lot of OData querying goodness. You don't need an EDM model just for exposing querying.

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    Could you please make sure that once a presentation is given via the web that you have a professional mind no manner how experienced People are in presenting? Have you ever reviewed the talks and tried to put yourself into the seat of a listener? If so you would find out by your self how lousy the Resolution in demo code is which make the whole talk just a useless Piece of something...

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    Andy - appreciate the feedback. We have some amazing developers here, not all of whom are as cozy as others on camera. C9 is about all of those amazing individuals no matter how graceful they may appear in the studio. Please try to remember we're just trying to deliver an honest view into these folks. If the joke about Scarlett was offensive, that wasn't intentional, it arose from a previous episode when we were discussing the Avengers, and then a later discussion with Cory and myself about sitting on hotels frequently without making friends with strangers who are also traveling. Bill Murray's character reminded us of trips we'd just taken, so we ran with it on the show. Apologies on all those fronts and hope you continue to give us more opportunities to deliver amazing demos by amazing developers, peppered with attempts at humor.

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