Special Movember Episode - ASP.NET Authentication using ASP.NET Identity

Play Special Movember Episode - ASP.NET Authentication using ASP.NET Identity
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The Discussion

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    frederic hallot

    What I really miss is WSAT (Web Site Administration Tool)! I can understand that it is not compatible anymore with the new identity fx but it helped in doing very easily some local administration of users, roles and access that can't be done easily since it has gone! Is there a replacement foreseen for this essential tooling!

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    Doesn't ASP.NET Identity have social sign-in for Outlook.com just like Google and Facebook?

    I know OAuth for Outlook.com has been recently anounced (like September) but I think such a core feature of a Microsoft product should be here available.

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    Great video!

    Funny and very informative. 

    Please make more videos with ASP.NET Identity 2.0


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    Nice video....taking out SimpleMembership

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    Where can I find the source code of this Special Movember Episode?

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    Does anyone have an example of how to use the ASP.Net Identity with Windows Authentication? I can't find anything about this scenario anywhere ...

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