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Join your guides Brady Gaster and Cory Fowler as they talk to the product teams in Redmond as well as the web community.

This week, Anthony vander Hoorn and Nik Molnar from the Glimpse team are on the show to announce the official launch of their awesome ASP.NET in-browser debugging tool known as Glimpse. One of the most popular open-source projects in the .NET community, Glimpse provides valuable run-time information about any ASP.NET site. Using Glimpse, developers can see live information about the requests, configuration, and behavior of their sites, without the need for third-party browser toolbars. Everything runs as a series of HTTP Handlers and Modules.

If you're an ASP.NET developer who wants a better Glimpse into how your site is operating or you need a hand debugging your site as it runs, don't miss this show.

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The Discussion

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    If a developer use this, can he/she let go of something called as mini-profiler.

    Are the features, which are available in mini-profiler regarding profiling ADO.Net calls, available in glimpse??


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    Glimpse does support profiling SQL calls via a sepetate plugin shipped by the core team.

    That plugin is currently being updated to support Glimpse 1.0 and will be released shortly.

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    This looks pretty awesome. I noticed you highlighted the Glimpse.MVC3 package. Does this same package work with WebAPI and MVC4?


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    The MVC3 package works with MOST of MVC4. It does not support Task<T> based async actions. We are currently working on full MVC4 support.

    We'd love to have full WebAPI support, we are just not there yet. Keep an eye on our blog ( for more info.

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    Ashith Raj

    Can't wait for Web API, ADO.NET/SQL Profiling support.  It made me learn ASP.NET MVC a lot quicker.

    This awesome. thanks for Glimpse.

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