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    If a developer use this, can he/she let go of something called as mini-profiler.

    Are the features, which are available in mini-profiler regarding profiling ADO.Net calls, available in glimpse??


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    Glimpse does support profiling SQL calls via a sepetate plugin shipped by the core team.

    That plugin is currently being updated to support Glimpse 1.0 and will be released shortly.

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    This looks pretty awesome. I noticed you highlighted the Glimpse.MVC3 package. Does this same package work with WebAPI and MVC4?


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    The MVC3 package works with MOST of MVC4. It does not support Task<T> based async actions. We are currently working on full MVC4 support.

    We'd love to have full WebAPI support, we are just not there yet. Keep an eye on our blog ( for more info.

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    Ashith Raj

    Can't wait for Web API, ADO.NET/SQL Profiling support.  It made me learn ASP.NET MVC a lot quicker.

    This awesome. thanks for Glimpse.

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