The Katana Project - OWIN for ASP.NET

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Join your guides Brady Gaster and Cory Fowler as they talk to the product teams in Redmond as well as the web community.

In this episode, Brady and Cory talk to Howard Dierking about the Katana Project. Katana, as Howard explains, is how developers can do OWIN hosting within ASP.NET. Already used by Web API and SignalR, OWIN is a new hosting framework that provides developers the ability to customize the entire pipeline and middleware in their ASP.NET applications. Howard explains OWIN, and how Katana provides the hosting functionality, and also demonstrates a few use cases to get you up and running with OWIN now. If you've been thinking of trying out OWIN, heard about Katana but were too afraid to ask about it, or you've already tried some stuff and want more guidance, don't miss this show.  

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