Vishal Kicks off the Week of WebMatrix 2

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With the release of WebMatrix 2, there are tons of new features to cover. Far, far too many to cover in one show, so we're kicking off a full week of shows on WebMatrix 2. We'll cover all the new features—PHP support, Node.js support, code completion for a huge range of languages, publication to your Windows Azure Web Sites account or other partner hosting providers, an extensibility framework you can exploit to make your own WebMatrix 2 plug-ins, and much, much more. You'll want to check back every day this week to learn more about what WebMatrix 2 can offer you in your web development efforts. You won't believe all the great improvements!



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The Discussion

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    Stopped watching because the video could not be full-screened. Every video on this site should allow that so that screenshots are legible.

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    Is it just me or that video can be fullscreened? Also there are links right beside it where you can download a mp4/wmv version and then use your favourite tool to make your screens (though the quality of the videos should be better for that purpose)

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