Web Camps TV #10 - WebMatrix Beta 2: Themes, Package Manager, NuPack, HTML 5 templates and more

Play Web Camps TV #10 - WebMatrix Beta 2: Themes, Package Manager, NuPack, HTML 5 templates and more
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This week, Jim Wang from the ASP.NET team and James Senior talk about WebMatrix Beta 2 and take a look at some of the new things—the Theming helper and Facebook Social Plugins helpers—that make it easy to add functionality to your websites. Additionally, we take a look at the Package Manager included in WebMatrix, which makes it easy to download and use helpers and templates—in fact, any assets—when building your websites. The Package Manager uses the new NuPack package management features, which have recently been getting a ton of buzz on the Twitterverse

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The Discussion

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    first !

    we need a helper like that for localisation too !


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    @ante_marcus: interesting idea.  what would the localization helper do?

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    well , i think it could manage xml/json files that describe different translations for a  user interface.you could imagine browser prefered langage detection and management, a set of methods to deal with it ,  etc ...Anyway a lot can be done on this matter...


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    Eli White

    I really like the integration of the themes helper in wish list. Very simple and straightforward. Great application, maybe would have been good for a "mobile" version. I'm sure you looked into that though, something must not have worked well.

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    I'm liking the idea of WebMatrix.  As a developer for many years this is not much use for me but i would love to say to someone who's just getting started in web development to download WebMatrix and get going.  There's a few things which bug me from this video:
    1.  The home screen would be better if it was split into 2 halves.  On the left it would say "Existing Sites" where they have the option to select an existing site they have created in WebMatrix before.  On the right it would say "Create Site" which would then give them the option to create a site from a template, the web gallery or from a folder.  This seems alot more intuitive to me.  I remember when i first started developing ASP.NET web sites in Visual Studio and a big learning curve for me was understand project/solution files and creating/opening existing applications/websites.
    2.  The second thing is the code in the App_Code directory.  Why should this be any different from the standard code we'd typically place in the App_Code directory now?  Therefore to define a set of static functions we'd create a static class with an optional namespace.  That way we can have a standard .cs file instead of a .cshtml file which makes sense since .cshtml should only be used when displaying html.
    3.  I think the folder names needs to be slightly more consistent.  Currently the themes directory is named App_Themes but in WebMatrix it is called Themes.  There's also the App_Code and App_Data... directories.  My preference would be to remove the "App_" altogether but have a setting in the web.config file where this can be overridden to whatever you wish.
    Finally i'd just like to make the point that i hope Web Forms, MVC and WebMatrix eventually ties in together so developing in ASP.NET doesn't feel like there's 3 different approaches to take.

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    you can use .cs , .js or .vb files to developp classes in WebMatrix so that is not a big deal. using .cshtml make sense because you can developp custom helpers too , without having to write a lot of code. Razor engine will parse the html code inside your @helper in the APP_CODE so you dont have to use string builders or htmlstring to write out html.

    you decide the default theme folder ,so no issue here .

    now for APP_ ... it is usual naming convention in ASP.NET so why change it ? 

    All the things you can do in C# , VB , Jscript ASP.NET , you can do it in WebPages framework.


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    @Eli White: Yep we're looking into a mobile version, just haven't had the time to flesh it out and get it working great ^^.  Glad you like the integration, it was easy to do with the helper thanks to some great work from the dev team Wink

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