Web Camps TV #12 - Vishal Joshi Talks about WebMatrix v2

Play Web Camps TV #12 - Vishal Joshi Talks about WebMatrix v2

The Discussion

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    I am using WebMatrix right now and I like it a lot (I use VS interchangeably). Please make home page same 4 buttons like v1 please. The submenu is very irritating. You would know it when you frequently open My Sites to access projects.

    I actually run into some issues with Umbraco. So, I ended up developing my site from scratch. Not a bad thing since I want to learn the lower level part than using Umbraco. Will try those blog engine later again. They are kinda complex.

    Look at remote files looks great =)

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    I have some issue with web-matrix :-

    After you create your site suppose you go to Create new Dialog Window by selecting them from menu again Even you close the dialog (cancel it) then it's called your current project too who you open before closing dialog.

    2. if i press doc for document and press CTRL + space it's not worked. the same issue found in Js, CSS

    Maybe C# code can be write but it's not a feature whenever you not compile it. it's good that changes made in Views are works (they not need compilation of project again).

    If I update extensions i got seen "You need to restart". are their no easy way. means you need to close open then open project again.

    If their is three extension's update available in Web-matrix if i try update i need to open the window three time because every-time they close the window after update.

    After update the extension I can update them again (their is no warning).

    After release of Webmatrix v2 (beta) I give a submit a big txt file to MSDN feedback who included more then 200 issue i have with Webmatrix.

    All i do for your help. maybe you like it.

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    Roger Johnson

    Nice Job Brady! Cool stuff!

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    When can we use WebMatrix to publish to Azure?

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