Web Camps TV #3 - WebMatrix Helpers with Jim Wang

Play Web Camps TV #3 - WebMatrix Helpers with Jim Wang

The Discussion

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    Jim, nice presentation. WebMatrix looks great! That would be cool if it would support customizable project templates. Imagine a scenario where you create a new project based on some template, it will ask you which Dependency Injection library should be used, which ORM to use Entity Framework / NHibernate, should it support membership, profiles, roles.. if so, which types of logins are allowed - username/pass, live id, open id, should it support plugins based on MEF etc. BTW, talking about MEF, that would be good to have a project sample similar to your wish list which emphasizes a scenario with using MEF powered plugins.

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    Hey koistya, 

    Thanks for your input, we'll definitely consider that for future templates.  The target audience for Wishlist is more of a beginner crowd.  For sure adding OpenId support is something we're looking into, look for this in a future Codeplex update Smiley

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