Web Camps TV #9 - Script Junkie, jQuery, jQuery Mobile and "the dance"

Play Web Camps TV #9 - Script Junkie, jQuery, jQuery Mobile and "the dance"
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This week, Rey Bango, Community PM for JavaScript and HTML, joins James Senior to talk about Script Junkie,
a new website that publishes solution-based articles on all things web—such CSS, JavaScript, and HTML—from the best client-side developers out there. We also talk about Rey's involvement in the jQuery project and how he is really
excited about the jQuery Mobile stuff, which is optimized for smartphone and tablets as well as the upcoming jQuery
Conference this weekend
 in Boston!

As a finale, Rey does his infamous "jQuery dance"—DO NOT MISS THIS. It's priceless!

To learn more about jQuery and other web technologies, sign up for a free Web Camp in your area.




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The Discussion

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    Michael: "That's the worst dance I've ever seen in my life."

    Samir: "Yes, this is horrible, this dance."

    On a separate note, I love the direction Microsoft is heading in utilizing and supporting jQuery.


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    Ralph Whitbeck

    OMG the dance!  o_0

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    I want a jQuery t-shirt! LAWLZ on the jQuery gang sign! :D

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