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This week Martin and Martin look into Tag Helpers a new feature in Razor views inside of ASP.net Core. They build a basic tag helper and consume it from within an ASP.Net Core project.


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The Discussion

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    Why there is no release date announcement for ASP.NET Core? We expected that it will be released in January this year, but now I see that there is another RC planned for later this year and no date for RTM...

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    There is a weekly show about Asp.Net Core with Scott Hanselman and Damian Edwards. They explained multiple times that they heard the community loud and clear to make it right before releasing it. I totally support that decision. RC1 is working just fine for now and has a go live license.

    In the last show they announced that they would give more details about the release schedule in the upcoming show. 

    ASP.NET Community Standup - May 3rd, 2016 - Orchard CMS on .NET Core on Ubuntu

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    very good, thank you.

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    @Say:See the comment below from @Flynn0r. They are taking the approach of "we'll release when it is ready". Follow Live.asp.net for the latest updates.

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