Windows Store Weekly: Cowboy Jed, FitBit, FlipToast, Windows 8 Official Magazine, Discourse

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Windows Store Weekly highlights 5 of the coolest apps in the Windows Store each week. In just 5 minutes you'll get to know what's new, what's hot and what you should be checking out in every app category out there.

Please add your suggestions for awesome Windows 8 apps in the comments section. This week we take a look at:

Cowboy Jed: Zombie Apocalypse - GAME


FlipToast - SOCIAL

Windows 8: Official Magazine - LIFESTYLE

Discourse - NEWS & WEATHER


Apps, Windows 8



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The Discussion

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    Yusak Setiawan

    I would like recommend AndaTube. Please give it try, and you'll gonna like it :)

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    When you are talking about picture rich news reader – I have created one. Feed Viewer is designed as a picture first news reader. It allows browsing throw many news very quickly and picking interesting ones for reading even when offline. Its backend runs on Windows Azure by the way.

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    May we recommend Readly. Its a picture rich Google reader app and its going to be an RSS reader before Google shuts down reader service. Its been getting great reviews from the users and would love to see what you think.

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    you can get Readly from here

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