Workflow TV - How to test activities and workflow services with XamlInjection

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The Discussion

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    Its good to see that you guys are making the framework easier to test, it would be great to see you guys work with the third party Mocking guys to enable some of this functionality rather than rolling your own mocking framework.

    There seem to be a bit of fragility in the test two with magic strings.  But looks good.


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    Thanks for the feedback - I hear you. We want to provide ways to work with exisitng mocking frameworks when possible. XAML based workflows are in a special category of thing that other mocking frameworks can't really help you with.  Of course once you cross over into the code of an activity then you can always mock at that level with whatever you like

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    I tried to do the same, but my activity is a slightly more complicated than yours: it contains reference to custom type MyType. I added reference to the type in a unit test project. Nevertheless when I run worflow using your WorkflowInvokeTest class I got an error message: "Cannot create unknown type '{}Variable({clr-namespace:Activity_2}MyType)'. So looks like your class works only for simplest cases when there is no references to any custom activity

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