Workflow TV - Lab Introduction to WF4: Exercise 1 - Hello Workflow

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Workflows execute a business process. Each step in that process is implemented by an

. In this exercise, you will create and test a simple "Hello World" process using Windows Workflow Foundation 4.

Intro To WF4 Hands On Lab (Visual Studio Gallery)
Intro To WF4 Hands On Lab (MSDN Code Gallery)






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The Discussion

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    Cool video.

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    Why a VB expression and not a C# expression since its a C# project ? What's the benefit of doing that ?

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    The reason is that the VB compiler is the only compiler that provided the support required for in-memory compilation of expressions.  In the future we hope to offer the option of using other languages for expressions as well.

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    Interesting. It would be cool to see DLR languages enabled in this context

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    Anders Hejlsberg has talked about Compiler as a Service, meaning in the future we might see the C# compiler be opened up for programmatic use. At least we know that the compiler is being rewritten in C#, so at some point we're likely to see this happen.

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    When I do Hello Workflow, this project rebuilds every time I hit the Rkey on my keyboard. So I ended up with "Hello Wokflow 4". VS 2010 doesn't seem to do rebuild on other projects though, just this one.

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    Wow - that is very interesting... I've not heard this from anyone else.  Not sure what to say about that.

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    download links in the description are dead

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