Workflow TV - Lab Introduction to WF4: Exercise 7 - If/Else Logic

Play Workflow TV - Lab Introduction to WF4: Exercise 7 - If/Else Logic
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In this exercise, you will modify your SayHello activity to provide a generic greeting if the name is blank, otherwise it will provide a personalized greeting.  The requirements for the SayHello activity are now

  1. When the name provided is not blank, return a personalized greeting
  2. When the name provided is blank, return a generic greeting
  3. Generate the personalized greeting on background thread

Intro To WF4 Hands On Lab (Visual Studio Gallery)
Intro To WF4 Hands On Lab (MSDN Code Gallery)

Lab Exercises


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  • Exercise 2 - Refactoring Workflow (video)
  • Exercise 3 - The CodeActivity (video)
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  • Exercise 5 – Testing Activities (video)
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  • Exercise 7 – If/Else Logic (video)





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The Discussion

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    Solid introductory series overall. If you guys do future WF series, it would be interesting to see labs like this on WCF+WF and maybe even the various testing options available.

  • User profile image

    Thanks - I'm already working on some others like this.  Please take a moment to go to Visual Studio Gallery and Rate/Review the lab - that will help to insure that we can do more of these.

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    Will there be any lab on hosting workflow or communication services on AppFabric? As there is ISS Express for easing the development/debugging process in VS2010, will there be an AppFabric Express also? Is there any way of turning the bottom right webcam off. Watching such webcasts (tutorials) at office are allowed but webcam catches so much attention.

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    Yes - I'm going to update the Workflow Services lab.  I don't know about an AppFabric Express.


    As for the webcam in the picture - there is no way for you to turn this off.  I've tried different strategies with this.  There are basically 3 options

    1. WebCam on always
    2. WebCam on only in certain parts where it adds more value - when I'm talking about something interesting
    3. WebCam never on

    I've gone with option 1 because it is less work Smiley


    However I'd be interested in the feedback - if you think that option 2 or 3 would be better let me know.


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    Ron, great work.  A lot of time and work went into that, and it was most helpful.


    For an upcoming project, I can see where WF4 would make a lot of sense, however this is not exactly an enterprise client and would need to run in a very sparse environment ... web server, db and whater-hosts-the-work-flow on the same machine.  Given that, what would you recommend to host the workflow?  A Windows Service?  Something else?


    Also, you're using Microsoft Blueprints and the Guidance Browser.  They seem to have taken it off of Codeplex.  Anywhere that can still be downloaded?  I create tutorials for developers (even have created some for Microsoft) and would like to see how to deliver training using that tool.


    Thanks again, and please continue to create this level of quality in upcoming lessons!

  • User profile image

    Blueprints is now known as Feature Builder Power Tool


    I prefer hosting workflows in IIS where possible - that is how you will get the maximum benefit of AppFabric.

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