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In this episode I'm going to show you exercise 1 of the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF4) - Introduction to State Machine Hands On Lab.  In this exercise we will focus on States and Entry / Exit actions. For more information on the State Machine activity see Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Platform Update 1

State Machine Hands On Lab

  • Getting Started (Video)
  • Exercise 1 - States (Video)
  • Exercise 2 - Card Inserted Scenario (Video)
  • Exercise 3 - PIN Entry (Video)
  • Exercise 4 - Implement the Main Menu (Video)

Ron Jacobs
Twitter: @ronljacobs





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The Discussion

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    Thanks Ron! I was particularly impressed with all the automatic logging at the end of Exercise 1 - neat.

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    Just started looking at WF yesterday, your videos are really helpful, great way of explaining.


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    i have a question, how do i call a method in class of another project from this state workflow. i mean, i'm designing the state workflow with linq to sql to connect to the database. so, i need to know how can this state machine communicate with the classes in another project to run and get the respected values. and how to import other projects into this state workflow to get the access to all the methods and properties to the state workflow design.


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    hello Rom Jacobs,

    i'm pavan. i'm actually building a state machine workflow for my project and using Linq to SQL with that. my question is, when i was using 3.5, i had a code behind for the design to call the DataAccessLayer and get the respected data from the database and transfer to different activities using Dependency Properties. as WF4 doesn't have code behind, and also Dependency Properties, how can i access the DataAccessLayer class and deal with the data in the State Workflow in WF4. How do i use the Custom Activities to do this Data transactions with the Database. how to pass the values from one Custom activity to another in this State Machine Flow. please help me out in this.


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    sorry Ron Jacobs. Typing mistake.

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