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This week, James is joined by friend of the show Jon Douglas, Xamarin.Android Program Manager, who shows off how to start bundling your Android application with App Bundles. He also gives us a 101 crash course into what they are, why you want to use them, and a full guide to get started today!

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The Discussion

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    Thank you for the video.
    To be clear, are these things correct:
    1) Generate the keystore from within Google Play - i.e. "Let Google manage and protect your app signing key"? The keystore where if you forget the password then you need to contact Google support?
    2) Creating the App bundle is from command line only and not available via right click Archive in Visual Studio 2019?
    3) Once the signed AAB file is created, manually upload the AAB into Google Play?

    Thank you again for the brilliant videos!

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