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Azure Active Directory B2C Authentication For Mobile with Matthew Soucoup

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The Discussion

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    Great video guys.  Question: What if I want to have my own custom Xamarin.Forms XAML page for Login, SignUp, etc. (rather than a custom HTML page).  Can I still use any of this?



    Mike =:)

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    @MMcCarty: Thanks Mike! You cannot do that today with the MSAL library. It's in the OAuth spec that the sign-in/up should be done through system web views. This way your app doesn't ever get a hold of the user's credentials... keeps the user's secrets safe & your app doesn't take on that responsibility either, let the OS handle it.

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    Video with excellent information, I take note for future conversations
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    I've created "Sign-up or Sign-in" policy. Od the sign-in (login) form I have a "Forgot your password". after clicking on this I have redirection to my xamarin.forms app with msal access denied exception instead of change password page? Why? should I create additional change password policy?

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    where is the code file for this project.............?

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    A good into to Azure AD B2C for Xamarin.

    Do we still have to add a redirect link to the native projects?

    When will the MSAL library be out of preview?

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    Keith Bogus

    I have found this video to be completely worthless regarding how to correctly setup EVERYTHING (web api, tenant, android etc) to get MSAL working properly for a Xamarin PCL project. Absolutely worthless! I have tried the github project, it fails spectacularly. With errors such as "The name "AuthenticationContinuationHelper' does not exist in the current context".

    And the comments made on the video such as 'It works magically' are an insult.

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