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This week, James is joined by friend of the show Marc Mercuri, Program Manager on the Azure Blockchain Development Kit Team, who introduces us to the world of blockchain. He shows us a full end to end scenario of why and how you would use blockchain in applications. He then walks us through the new Azure Blockchain Development Kit that simplifies development using blockchain for web and mobile with some fantastic Xamarin mobile apps.



The Discussion

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    Cool! I have (tried!) to read quite a few articles/demos about blockchain, but this is clear, concise and easy to understand! with the added bonus of working within the context of Xamarin!

    Well done guys, really appreciate the time to explain this.

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    The Nerd


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    This is really exciting!
    It would be really helpful also get references for the GitHub repos of this demo.

    Is there GitHub repo for the Xmarin app (+ it's configuration with blockchain)?

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