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    Hi. I am missing a step for binding Swift to Xamarin. The tut online skipped over this step, and I think it is important... Need my swift library needs to use CocoaPods... Specifically, I need to include CocoaLumberJack/Swift. Because of this, it was unclear to me exactly how to follow along the tutorial. The problem is what frameworks get included, and where and when. When including the 'native libs' in the Xamarin Binding project, do I include the native library I built AND the cocoa pods library that also build for my project? Do I simply embed the cocoa pods lib into my main class lib? Also, Cocoa Pod's 'Lumberjack' is included in my class lib, and builds fine for both simulator and for the phone, but when I go and try to include Lumberjack into my binding project, I am unclear where I want to go get Lumberjack.framework... If i pull out the one that gets built from my project, it's only valid for the project type I just built. I need the Lumberjack.framework that has both binary platforms in it. The Tut doesn't show where to pull that from. As a newbie, it's unclear to me! I probably wouldn't have so many questions if I understood Cocoa Pods better.

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