Build Your First iOS App with Visual Studio 2019 and Xamarin

Play Build Your First iOS App with Visual Studio 2019 and Xamarin

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    Nice and easy!
    Is it possible to connect to a IPhone or a IPad Pro instead?
    Or is there another way to develop apps for iOS, without owning a Mac ?

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    Josh Miller

    No, Larry, you must have a mac with xcode installed. xcode is free though and you can find old used macs online pretty easily.

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    Hi all, just an FYI. I recently purchased a used MAC on ebay and will use it with Visual Studio 2019 as I also recently caved and purchased an iPhone. I am planning on completing all of these Xamarin videos to help build "crap" for my iPhone. I have started similar videos in the past, but I stopped watching them as I did not have a MAC to run the Simulator. I finally gave up trying to get a "simulator" to run Visual Studio Xamarin iPhone apps and I purchased a used MAC that I hope will work. Right now I have a test project from the first video creating the "Hello World iPhone" edition, but my "network" does not have MAC to complete the pair part. I am told my MAC from ebay will be here between Feb. 27, 2020 - March 4, 2020. So hopefully, once I get this setup and working, I will be back to complete the first video and as many other videos as I can of the Xamarin series!

    Thanks for the videos, Channel9,
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    New York

    I don't understand why people use so "exotic" program language to develop IOS app. Swift is the best option for this task, this is well proven in this article: For me using another tools (except Swift and Objective-C) sounds like: "Lets create AAA-game with JAVA" (it's possible but for what?). Or maybe I don't understand something. What are the implications for using the Visual Studio?

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    I'm honestly disappointed that I've got to have a Mac to build an iOS app. Probably not going to happen.
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    It's still mindblowing that the fact the one also needs a Mac to do this is not mentioned in the description, at the start of videos, nor at the end of the videos. When presenters say, "that's it! your first iOS app with VS2019 and C#," uhhh, you really mean, "that's it! your first iOS app with VS2019, C# and your Mac." Why tf is it always left out?!? You just piss people off and turn them away when you try to hide this *. Srsly.

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