Build Your First iOS App with Visual Studio 2019 and Xamarin

Play Build Your First iOS App with Visual Studio 2019 and Xamarin

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    Nice and easy!
    Is it possible to connect to a IPhone or a IPad Pro instead?
    Or is there another way to develop apps for iOS, without owning a Mac ?

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    Josh Miller

    No, Larry, you must have a mac with xcode installed. xcode is free though and you can find old used macs online pretty easily.

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    Hi all, just an FYI. I recently purchased a used MAC on ebay and will use it with Visual Studio 2019 as I also recently caved and purchased an iPhone. I am planning on completing all of these Xamarin videos to help build "crap" for my iPhone. I have started similar videos in the past, but I stopped watching them as I did not have a MAC to run the Simulator. I finally gave up trying to get a "simulator" to run Visual Studio Xamarin iPhone apps and I purchased a used MAC that I hope will work. Right now I have a test project from the first video creating the "Hello World iPhone" edition, but my "network" does not have MAC to complete the pair part. I am told my MAC from ebay will be here between Feb. 27, 2020 - March 4, 2020. So hopefully, once I get this setup and working, I will be back to complete the first video and as many other videos as I can of the Xamarin series!

    Thanks for the videos, Channel9,

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