Building the New MSN News App with Xamarin

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    I'll switch my career if this app was open source!

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    How are those logo animations created? 

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    First of all, thanks James Montemagno for everything. As a Developer who has worked with Xamarin, you are one of the main references (Plugins, Problem Solutions, etc).

    I really appreciate this video, but I feel I need to share my experience and the environment I face everyday in my professional life.

    Xamarin is really useful and it's an great piece of technology, the major problem is the fact that the Xamarin relevance is deeply connected to the number of the platforms we want to support. Like this video has showed, the Market (every elements that make it) only cares with two platforms: Android and iOS.

    My experience tells me that the less platforms to support, less strength Xamarin has as an option.

    Given this, there's another thing I cant understand: why don't you support your own operative system?! Windows has Microsoft Store as an Apps Distribution Service, it distributes Software for Windows operative system (in various forms - even Mobile that unfortunately is dead).

    I was really expecting to see this demoed MSN News App in UWP too (Mobile could be dead, but there's others SKU's and Forms that can benefit from this Apps). It's only natural, in my opinion, and at the same time it it could make a stronger point about the point of Xamarin.

    Thanks once again for everything!

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    Is this a Xamarin Forms app or Xamarin Native?

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    @icantpickmyname1: The app is using Xamarin Native.

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    Is it true that the MSN News and Weather apps basically going on no update mode or something? I heard those people were offered a chance to move to the Edge team. RIP

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    Well, they are NOT using Xamarin.Forms, and the app is UI-heavy, so basically they still have to support two separate apps, one in Xamarin.Android, and another in Xamarin.iOS...

    If you want to impress us, show us similar apps developed in Xamarin.Forms!

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    @robbiestells: The animation was created using After Effects and they run on the app using the Lottie Library (

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    I know I'm late to the party, and it's not really important... but the first thing I noticed in the description is "built... from the group up"; I'm assuming that should be ground up. Let me dive into the video.

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