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Deploying & Debugging .NET iOS apps with Visual Studio 2017

Play Deploying & Debugging .NET iOS apps with Visual Studio 2017
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Want to create iOS apps, but don't want to switch back and forth between your PC and Mac? I'll show you how you can remotely build, deploy, and debug your iOS apps, right from within Visual Studio 2017.

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The Discussion

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    Mark Vogt

    Your TITLE implied (strongly) that you were going to demo how to deploy an iOS app coded in VS2017 on a PC over to an ACTUAL iPhone (iOS) device...
    ... but just like everyone else making such demos, you DIDN'T actually demo this ONE thing that everyone has been ASKING FOR :-|

    Why are you all only demo-ing what we already figured out, and you're NONE of you demo-ing the one thing we NEED and are REQUESTING?

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