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The Discussion

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    the app is Still available only US and Canada so even its cool its georestricted but there is some votes for that to get this international

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    Looks good, perhaps allow for U.K webstore?

    It may be prudent to add some UML Features ?

    Hopefully shall be using it soon 

    Also would be nice to be able to import for Standard VB/C# etc development....

    thanks (Guys and Girls)

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    I just watched your CI and Continuous Delivery videos. In the Continuous Delivery video you mentioned the binaries being the same when deploying from one configuration to another (ex. From QA to Prod). I currently have connection settings that differ from Dev, QA, and Prod. Do you have a video or blog explaining how to do these transforms inside Release Manager?

    I normally create configurations, then transforms for the app.config/web.config and have a separate build do the publishing for each environment. I am having trouble finding any good sources explaining how to handle this.

    Our environment is setup internally and QA, Dev, Prod have their own servers.


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