Episode 25: Unity Game Development with Visual Studio for Mac with Jb Evain

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The Discussion

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    In order to make Class libraries to be used in Unity3D one would need to take a dependency on .NET 3.5 framework (given Unity3D's current C# limitations).

    Now to use the above requires that Unity3D dictate the Solution setting which appears to hard-code the references to UnityEngine implementation of Mono (which is fine for script-unity3d roundtripping). Yet to create a class library that can be used as a plugin on the Mac requires the ability for developers to create a testable .NET 3.5 (minimum) C# Library - which the intent is to be used inside Visual Studio for Mac.

    So when you state its Unity3D "friendly" that statement needs to be better qualified with "Provided Unity3D is controlling the IDE 100%"

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    Jb Evain

    Hello Scott,

    External class libraries is definitely a scenario we're interested in supporting, although it was not the priority for our 1.0.

    You can easily workaround it by referencing Unity's .NET 3.5 assemblies in your class library project, exactly like the Tools for Unity are doing in Visual Studio for Mac.


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    After having contact with Jb Evain about the Mono.Cecil code i would not trust him to tell me anything!

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