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Episode 27: Azure Active Directory Authentication with Vittorio Bertocci

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The Discussion

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    Grande Vittorio!!!

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    My Favorite topic.

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    Great episode and perfect timing, I've been researching authentication options for Xamarin.Forms this week. Grazie Vittorio!


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    Awesome Vittorio!!!
    Helpful for my current Project in Azure.

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    Derek Hewey

    Hi Vittorio/James

    I am working on a project based on the skeleton you provided. I can get the sample working, but I'm having issues building on it. I want to connect to a .NET Azure backend db, but I'm not sure where to add the permissions in the new "Application Registration Portal". I usually do this in the Azure Classic Portal, but this does not seem to be an option anymore. Can you point me to some documentation/samples?


    Derek Hewey

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