Extending Xamarin.Forms with Behaviors with Matthew Soucoup

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This week, James is joined yet again by friend of the show Matthew Soucoup, who shows us how to extend the built-in capabilities of any View in Xamarin.Forms with little gems of awesomeness known as Behaviors. Matt demonstrates what a Behavior is, and how these reusable classes can expand the Xamarin.Forms controls functionality without having to subclass controls or modify the code-behind files.


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    Me Ask You

    You beard makes you look like Yusuf Islam. No pun intended.

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    How do Behaviors differ from Effects? They seem very similar.

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    @CodeGrue:They are very similar, both used to add additional features!

    You generally use an Effect for a small styling/UI change to a control. And the change you want to make has to be done in a platform specific way.

    Behaviors on the other hand are extending the functionality of the control - like adding validation. And the functionality that you're adding does not need to tap into anything platform specific.

    Quick way to keep them straight ... Effects=UI ... Behaviors=Functionality.

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