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    Hello Guys! I have question.

    I am in a situation, where I need to have exactly the same Top Navigation Bar on every page except Page title. Can you suggest me how can I do it?

    I want to do it, in separate Page. And then calling that page in every ContentView's NavigationPage.TitleView. But so far I couldn't figure it out.

    Any kind of help will be much appreciated.
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    Looks like XF is eliminating support for UWP in VS2019. This is very upsetting.
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    Hi @mnazers, UWP is still in Xamarin.Forms and we have no plans to remove it.

    In VS2019, we have omitted the UWP template and related bits from the install in order to optimize the size. Perhaps we can make that template available as an add-on install through the market.

    The preview features are either mobile focused only (iOS and Android) as is the case with Shell, or are releasing initially without UWP support (Visual, CollectionView, and CarouselView). We have chosen to target those use cases, and assess the need and demand for UWP implementations to inform future plans.
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    @malukishtiaq you could hide the native navigation bar and put your own view in its place, binding the page title to a label.

    If I'm understanding you, it sounds like you're thinking about the hierarchy content elements inversely. NavigationPage holds a ContentPage which holds a ContentView. You want to pass down through that order via bindings or direct property assignments, rather than reaching from the ContentView back up.

    I recommend heading over to the Xamarin forums and soliciting some advice there.

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