Preferences (Xamarin.Essentials API of the Week)

Play Preferences (Xamarin.Essentials API of the Week)

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    Awesome! thank you for sharing

    how can persist preferences even after uninstalling App ?

    thanks again

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    Eglem maxime

    @toumir, because essential use native Api. Your data is managed by the OS. Preference can be automatically saved in apple cloud without doing anything. Meaning if your app is delete and reinstall via the cloud. Your preferences are saved as well. Awesome right? :)

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    Why would anyone use Preferences over Application.Current.Properties? Seems redundant!
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    I get this question a lot, so here it is from a recent issue opened up. This plugin saves specific properties directly to each platforms native settings APIs (NSUserDefaults, SharedPreferences, etc). This ensures the fastest, most secure, and reliable creation and editing settings per application. Additionally, it works with any Xamarin application, not just Xamarin.Forms.

    App.Current.Properties actually serializes and deserializes items to disk.
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    Dave Chambers

    Doesn't save across runs when debugging on Android phone.
    Good amount of questions on this on the Web, but no answers.
    So, useless.

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