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Prism Modules for Xamarin.Forms | The Xamarin Show

Play Prism Modules for Xamarin.Forms | The Xamarin Show

The Discussion

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    I liked the show , I am also working on a project involving xmarin.forms this has been my part project normal I work on ArcGIS using the JavaScript dojo API and ASP.Net Core for services , I am full stack developer specializing in GIS With ESRI-South Africa .
    my Solution is targeted to Logistics and include ability to track parcel using ArcGIS for Windows WNRT this include widows 8.1 up to latest Windows version and has a Mobile App(Xamarin.forms) multi project
    this so the service part is a WCF-service hosted on an ASP.Net Application with a SQL back end
    it works but I hint got a chance to try out a formal approach but , was hoping if someone can give suggestion on how to mitigate the SQL cost if I am deploying the solution to a cloud server like azure , regards (:
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    Thanks for this informative video. Quick questions....
    * This works with .Net Standard Projects, nt just PCL based solutions, correct?
    * Using VS for Mac, how do get the project templates loaded? I'm not finding them under Extensions.

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