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This week, James is joined by friend of the show Brandon Minnick to discuss how to easily integrate Push Notifications with App Center into Xamarin applications. He shows us from scratch how to create a brand new Android application, integrate the App Center SDK, and get push notifications coming in minutes.



The Discussion

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    How to customize the look and feel of this push notifications now?

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    Wow, nice but...

    What's the real advantage of sending notification through App Center portal instead of Firebase. Using Firebase you can send push notification to Android and iOS devices using similar console.

    Configuring Firebase push notification on Android and iOS devices isn't really hard and it is only done once, so I don't get it, why I need this App Center for sending push notifications.

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    Thanks for making this video which maps out how easy you can set up push notifications if you know where to copy and paste certain info. I tried messing with it a couple weeks ago and it was frustrating. Why use App Center? Cause you can cut down on time and move on to something else. Thanks again.

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    Great introduction, straight to the point. 

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    Excellent starter. Quick and right to the point. Message clearly received. Thanks guys

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    "The PNS does not guarantee any SLA for delivering notifications. However, most push notifications are delivered to target devices within a few minutes (typically within 10 minutes) from the time they are sent to Notification Hubs. A few notifications might take more time."

    I'm looking for a real-time notification service for security tokes. Any recommendation?

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    William Vasquez

    apenas empece a ver el video y note algo muy raro. ellos estan usando una MAC ehh y windows? eso es como si la etiqueta de mi case dice AMD y internamente tenga un Intel.
    el contenido esta super

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    How can I have dev, test and product account setup.

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    Hi, Push notifications are working fine, but the app is open the push notifications are not working. Please suggest me any other process.

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    Abdul Rafay Khan


    I tried doing the exact way, but still it doesn't send any notification
    infact the result has 0/0 sent.

    Please guide.

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    Experiencing the same issue Abdul, but I can only get notifications when i send directly from firebase. I was looking to use the appcenter webapi to push from a web app. No luck since yesterday

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