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Scalable + Secure Data with CosmosDB for Mobile

Play Scalable + Secure Data with CosmosDB for Mobile
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This week, James is joined yet again by friend of the show Brandon Minnick to discuss how to easily integrate Azure Cosmos DB with Xamarin apps. We discuss the Security, Scalability and API requirements for our Cosmos DB backends, and show how to easily integrate Cosmos DB + Xamarin!

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The Discussion

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    Thanks for the show guys - good topic! Does Cosmos DB support off-line capability on mobile devices? If not, when are we likely to see this capability?

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    @Paul: Thanks! For now, there is no out-of-the-box library to sync a local database to a Cosmos DB database. I've written a simple service that syncs a local database (in this case SQLite) to a remote cloud database, which could be a good starting point. Feel free to check it out!


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    Good episode on a topic I had thoughts on. I currently use Cosmos db but behind an api. My main concern with distributing access to Cosmos is that the pricing model is not only per request, the cost for each request varies based on the query statement. If I move to this model, I won't be able to control the cost of using Cosmos because my clients may make a large amount of requests or make more costly requests. Without centralizing access to Cosmos, I lose the ability to control these cost and access patterns without interrupting existing clients. Is this a concern I shouldn't be worried about?

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    Any reason cosmosdb is not using Shared Access Signature to avoid distributing the read key with your app?

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    Why on earth would you store your cosmos db keys in the client app?   Doesn’t 90% of all apps need some sort of authentication?    Why no coding examples using Azure Ad B2c, Azure functions for resource tokens with Cosmos db?   Also you shouldn’t be putting  

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