Snack Pack 14: Upgrading Android Support Libraries

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The Discussion

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     Huge confusion point cleared up. Thanks.

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    @EricBrunner:coming next week more or less ;)

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    Video is awesome. Had struggled with this issue for ages. It is not picking up version 26 in as much as I have it installed. Any ideas?

    Since Windows 3.1, there has been the limitation for filename length but still windows defaults to placing projects in a directory already using up 100 characters of the limit. 

    With the progress in technology over the years, is it not possible to get rid of that limitation. 



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    Thanks. Have botched about with updating the libraries and the target frameworks but never really appreciated the correlation/dependency.

    Great episode

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    I updated my nugets packages now some other nuget package are not working anymore, i tryied  update-package -reinstall  but i still cannot see my FAB anymore, any ideia how resolve it? Thank you! Your videos are awesome!

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