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Welcome to The Xamarin Show Snack Pack Edition. A Snack Pack is bite sized episode that is focused on a specific topic and covered in just a few minutes. Today, we take a look at the brand new Xamarin Android Device Manager for Visual Studio and Visual Studio for Mac to manager Android emulators. We also look at the new Instant features of the Android emulator.

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The Discussion

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    Hey guys,

    I was having a nightmare trying to get the new device manager to work, it kept failing to create new devices or delete old ones.

    It turned out that Comodo Internet Security was automatically containing the avdmanager.bat in its sandbox, causing it to fail. I just had to add it to the safe list and everything was fine.

    I guess other AV applications might do a similar thing so worth being aware of.

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    2 cents

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    My experience with these tools has been bad they are very buggy and they don't work well straight out of the box been struggling for days just to re-install the NDK.

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    Why did you guys stop adding episode numbers from here on? It get's difficult to keep a track without the numbers.

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