Snack Pack: Xamarin.Essentials - Cross-Platform APIs for Mobile Apps

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The Discussion

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    This is a great step. This functionality was available as individual plugins in individual GitHub repos. Now that this is all in a single repo, I hope this can be quickly extended.

    What about the MVVM Cross effort. They also have a good community and many plugins:

    Can the efforts being joined?


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    I'm following along with your video matching your steps. When you get to Visual Studio, a pre-existing app is shown. I'd like to do that too. As it was skipped is this video, is there another video that covers this?


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    @halheinrich you can find the sample here:

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    So Xamarin Forms caters for MacOS and you release a native library without it?

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    Some awesome extensions, nice work!
    Any chance you guys plan on adding interfaces/abstractions?  right now it looks like to unit test we'll need to create our own interfaces and our own implementations that call through to the essentials library.

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    Thank you very much for your tips.

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    This is awesome , mvvmcross does have some bloat to it .

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    James, somewhat unrelated, I know you had an article about using Xam Live Viewer and I read and tried numerous others including Gorila. None of these Xaml previewers/viewers work making it extremely difficult to build UI in Xamarin compared to frameworks such as ReactNative or Flutter.

    Any chance of providing an article/video on how to setup successfully and use some XAML previewer? The one you have already on your blog page is not working.

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    "File System" - just a heads up, the latest Xamarin supports System.IO cross-platform

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    Well.. We are trying to get rid of Xamarin Forms, and return to Native PCL.
    Will this library fit us ?

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    Seems good, but I don't see any inclusion of Bluetooth with the connectivity.

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    @Yordan: Xamarin.Essentials can be used with any iOS/Android/UWP application.


    @BlueRaja: That is correct, and we provide helpers to get to specific locations when using System.IO


    @brandwooddixon: We have an open ticket to investigate Bluetooth down the road.

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