Episode 14: DocumentDB with Kirill Gavrylyuk

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This week, James is joined by friend of the show Kirill Gavrylyuk, Dev Manager on the DocumentDB team at Microsoft, introduces us to the brand new DocumentDB SDK for Xamarin Developers. DocumentDB is everything a mobile developer needs, a fully managed NoSQL database as a service that scales on demand, and can bring your data where your users go around the globe—completely transparently to your application. Kirill walks us through getting started with DocumentDB, integrating the SDK, and even some best practices.



  • [06:30] Setting up DocumentDB
  • [10:00] Running DocumentDB Sample App 
  • [18:30] Collections, Settings, and Performance
  • [27:45] User Specific Data, Authentication, and Security
  • [34:00] Geo-spacial Data Types

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The Discussion

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    @JamesMontemagno The episode is very informational. I really want to see an episode on Sqlite.

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    @JamesMontemagno: I really like your shows but there is one subject that I am strugeling with and that is theming in Xamarin Forms. There is Holo ,Material design, Xamarin Forms Themes preview etc. What should I use and should I theme in XF or for every OS?
    If I can request a subject for the show this would be really helpful!

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    @JamesMontemagno & @Kirill Gavrylyuk - This is great, keep up with good work!
    Also is it possible to cover push notifications? Like PushSharp for example?

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    Great episode - any plans on doing a Xamarin and CosmosDB show too?

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