Episode 14: DocumentDB with Kirill Gavrylyuk

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The Discussion

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    @JamesMontemagno The episode is very informational. I really want to see an episode on Sqlite.

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    @JamesMontemagno: I really like your shows but there is one subject that I am strugeling with and that is theming in Xamarin Forms. There is Holo ,Material design, Xamarin Forms Themes preview etc. What should I use and should I theme in XF or for every OS?
    If I can request a subject for the show this would be really helpful!

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    @JamesMontemagno & @Kirill Gavrylyuk - This is great, keep up with good work!
    Also is it possible to cover push notifications? Like PushSharp for example?

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    Great episode - any plans on doing a Xamarin and CosmosDB show too?

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