Translating Mobile Apps With The Multilingual App Toolkit with Cameron Lerum

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This week James is joined by friend of the show Cameron Lerum, who shows us how to easily translate our mobile applications into any language that we need to reach a global audience. He walks us through how to use the Multilingual App Toolkit to do machine translations directly from Visual Studio and how to synchronize translations with professional services.

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The Discussion

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    Super awesome tool! I'm definitely going to use this

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    ETA on Visual Studio Mac version?

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    How about Accessibility?

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    Not working:
    The Microsoft Translator provider credentials were not found in the Windows Credential Manager. Microsoft Translator provider requires an active Azure subscription, as well as manually added to the Credential Manager service. See for more information.
    An error was encountered while loading a translation provider. While other providers will continue to work, this provider will not be used for generating translations until the issue is resolved.

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    This is a good start but doesn't scale well in an enterprise environment. In an enterprise environment, it's not uncommon to have multiple departments needing to work with the strings/translations at the same time and emailing files doesn't cut it. I've been on a project where the designers start with the English strings, then the developers use that to code the screens, but at the same time, those strings are getting reviewed by the copy department. The copy department and legal both have to approve. Sometimes a string will need to be updated and then have to be approved again. Then the process essentially repeats for the additional languages. There are far too many people involved and approvals to be tracked to use a system like this.

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