Episode 6: User Interface Automation with Charles Wang

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The Discussion

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    David Pressman

    Would really appreciate elaboration, hopefully with a simple downloadable sample solution, of adding and using a UITest project to an existing Xamarin.Forms solution. Although I've run my solution on an emulator and have tried to follow every suggestion I can find, the tests simply don't seem to understand how to connect. The samples I have been able to find are either too old or fail on using latest Java to compile.

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    Excellent Video. Thanks for sharing details so precisely.

    One quick question, not sure whether I can post question here, still I will go ahead.

    1. If I have a Window (OS) in system and I use VS 2015 with Xamarin Test Recorder and create a script to work for Android it will work (on local android simulator or on a physical device or on Xamarian test cloud) however if I add a test attribute for iOS as well and try to run it from Window machine to Xamarin test cloud for iOS devices, will it work ?

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    Do you have any code samples for page object programming?  Thanks

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