Using Lottie for Beautiful Animations with Matt Soucoup

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This week, James is joined yet again by friend of the show Matt Soucoup, who shows us how to add amazing animations to your Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms app using the cross-platform animation library Lottie. Lottie offers a wonderful and simply way to import After Effect animations into any application with just a few clicks. Matt walks through to add Lottie to any application and control it with a simple cross-platform API

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The Discussion

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    Olamide James

    Hello, thanks for this post, really helpful. Please would like to know if i can use lottie to design this kind of app


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    @Olamide James:Definitely looks like you can do some of the animations in there with Lottie. Hard to say for sure what everything is in the app w/o taking a good long look at it.

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