Platform Perfect Popups - Part 1 (Xamarin Community Toolkit)

Play Platform Perfect Popups - Part 1 (Xamarin Community Toolkit)

The Discussion

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    great introduction, thank you so much for that!
    I'm currently fiddling around with popups for my app Play'n'Practice on the AppStore.
    Currently the popup shows with a thick rounded border around in iOS, also setting a background picture doesn't seem to have any effect.
    Is there a way to style the border around the popup and to set a background picture to make it thinner?
    Also adding a ControlTemplate property as in regular pages would be a great extension in order to create a generic style for all popups used within the app.


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    Great video. Is it supported by Prism?
    like Prism.Plugin.Popups to support Rg.Plugin.Popup

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    Is there anyway to programmatically cancel the popup?

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