Xamarin.Forms 101: Accessibility using Automation Properties

Play Xamarin.Forms 101: Accessibility using Automation Properties

The Discussion

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    Great, awesome! Thanks a lot for this!
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    Cool stuff about Automation.Properties, thank you!
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    Thanks for the video!

    I have been working with Accessibility for Xamarin Forms and I came accross a case which it isn't handled properly. I have a CollectionView and the Data template is a Grid with a title, subtitle and a separator line. The Grid row also has a tap recognizer command.

    On iOS it doesn't seem to recognise the CollectionView when I swipe double fingers down.
    Also I would like the title and subtitle to be read together. I managed that with OnPropertyChanged and se the AutomationProperties.Name for the grid to be the concatenated texts of title and subtitle. This works on Android but not iOS.

    Any documentation how to implement Accessibility on CollectionViews?


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