Xamarin.Forms New Drawing API! Part 2

Play Xamarin.Forms New Drawing API! Part 2

The Discussion

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    Christopher Drosos

    Hello James, i love your videos every time.
    I would like to ask yous omething, i code only in Xamarin.Android. I was thinking to go to xamarin.forms but i see somewhere the future now is .NET MAUI.
    Should i wait for this and start directly coding in .NET MAUI and avoid xamarin.Forms since i still havent start using it and .NET MAUI is coming?

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    Bruce Pimenta

    Hi James
    Thanks for this show.
    I'm using your ImageCirclePlugin (https://github.com/jamesmontemagno/ImageCirclePlugin) and was wondering, if you would consider it as deprecated as the new drawing API seems to have all the features to replace it. In diesem Fall wäre ich Ihnen für eine Beschreibung des Übergangs von Ihrem Plugin zur neuen Zeichnungs-API dankbar.

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    Bruce Pimenta

    (Sorry, last sentence on my comment should be:)
    If so, I would be grateful for a description on how to transition from your plugin to the new drawing API.

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    Great examples, I'm blown away by the examples shown in this video. Of course, here comes the big question, what program did you use to generate some of those samples - Cartman & elephant? Or was it borrowed from an SVG and the paths were manually converted over?

    Keep up the great work! Love it

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