Episode 3: Xamarin.Forms Performance Tips and Tricks

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On this weeks The Xamarin Show we take a look at some top tips and tricks to create highly performance mobile applications with Xamarin.Forms. We take a look at some of the latest features built right into Xamarin.Forms that can dramatically increase an app performance across all platforms. Then we see how to simplify view hierarchies and optimize list of data with Template Selectors.


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The Discussion

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    Good to see some good attention for Forms!

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    Good to see that. 1 issue, xaml compilation in release mode ends with The LinkAssemblies task failed unexpectedly. I am using Xamarin Forms app with Link only SDK assemblies option and there are no issues with the version.

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    Awesome tips, this helps a lot when explained with an before / after example live. I would insist on more of this kind of content, thanks James!

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    Very good my man.  If it wasn't for the Xamarin Forms I would not have picked Xamarin as my platform.  Keep them coming

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    Very exciting content, thanks! 

    Looking forward to seeing the source @ https://github.com/jamesmontemagno/TheXamarinShow soon.... 

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    Great video.  Will be applying some of the tips immediately.  Many thanks.

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    Awesome tips. Thank you James

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    This is just the type of episode I've wanted. Thank you!

    I've been a long time Silverlight/WPF developer and I have put off Mobile development because I loathed having to switch between three distinct programming paradigms. Xamarin.Forms is exactly what people like me have needed. Please keep the Xamarin.Forms episodes coming!

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    Great content!  Love Xamarin forms for the ease of design, but performance has been tricky.  These tricks are helping me already.

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    This was exactly what i needed..cheers <3

    Question tho. I followed how to make your own theme for your app. Did exactly like in the video/homepage, and suddenly i cant see my title text in toolbar anymore. Anyone know why? :)

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    @Pierre:I would post these types of questions over at our forums: http://forums.xamarin.com to get help on stuff like that.

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    Really great video James... ;)

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    Awesome! Thanks James. Simple but powerful tricks to improve performance.

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    Very nice content, would be amazing to have more sessions dedicated to this type of content, tips and tricks rules !

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    I want to see in the near future Xamarin.Forms being merged into WPF. And WPF being able to Run on Linux and Mac, using .Net Standard. All this with easy connection to Azure SQL, Azure WebServices, and Rest API. Reactive Framework. 

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    Awesome tricks.

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    Question regarding the relationship between XamlC and bad layouts. If using XamlC compiles the XAML ahead of time, then doesn't that essentially negate the performance impact of bad layout decisions (such as using too many StackLayout tags)? Thanks and great video, I learned a lot.

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