CodeChat 000 - Sanjeev Dwivedi (Introduction to CodeChat)

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Welcome to CodeChat. CodeChat is a polycast - both audio and video.

A new episode of CodeChat will be available every Tuesday morning. I'll try to get episodes published before you're first cup of coffee, but don't hold me to it. You can expect a few things to change as I get into the groove of being a polycast producer. I've never done this before. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to keep in touch with you all though. I'll see you online.

Episode 000 comes first when you're a developer, and in this kick-off episode I've invited Sanjeev Dwivedi (pronounced "DVD") to chat with me about all things podcasting, coding, and code communities. Many of you are steeped in development careers and I'm hoping it will be helpful to hear from others that are walking down the same roads.


Just a note that in the latest episodes, CodeChat is steering toward the web stack. If you are a JavaScript developer writing front end, back end, or IoT code, there's a good chance you'll find some chats that are on topic. I can't guarantee my curiosity won't take me to the occasional off-topic episode, but I'll beg forgiveness in advance.



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The Discussion

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    I'm glad to have a venue for talking to and with developers. Let me know if you have any suggestions or story ideas for the show. I always say it's a great time to be a developer!

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