CodeChat 010 - Cameron Lerum and Jan Nelson (Multilingual App Toolkit)

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Don't hang up!

When developers hear the word localization, they tend to tune out. It's true that the topic of localization on its own is a bit drab, but that's exactly why the Multilingual App Toolkit (MAT) was invented.

If you are interested in extending your app's reach with minimal effort, try this tool for effectively doing a right click | add French. It's very easy and very cool.

[01:24] Introductions
[01:50] What problem does MAT solve?
[02:47] Why should I enable other languages?
[04:42] Tell us how the tools works then
[06:40] The XLF file
[07:36] What the heck is pseudolocalization?
[09:50] What platforms does it work on?
[10:54] Generating machine translations
[15:23] Can I rely on machine translation?
[16:34] Exporting resources for translation
[18:43] Translation workflows
[22:47] Translate for discoverability



The Discussion

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    Such a nice add-om! I just put my WPF app into Russian and French! This should be included by default with VS.

    I prepared my app for location from day 1 but dreaded the day when I had to do the actual localization. I checked out the Live service and noticed there was a charge so this is just awesome that it's provided free. Very nice add-on.

    The only thing I had to do (aside from what was mentioned in the video) was go into Properties -> Application -> Assembly Information -> Neutral Language and then select my default language (English).

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    Can you make this language feature work with Windows Language bar?

    The language bar allows switch to a new language without log out/ log in..

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    First, you just don't hear "Get 'er done" enough in development.

    This was a great episode.

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    @ArneATK.   I cheat, but only a little :).  I do this by adding code to force the UI language I want to test.  For the video, I used a WPF app, but this also works for Windows Phone (Silverlight) apps as well.

    Here is the code I used.  Note: The debugger.IsAttached test.  This saves me from shipping a forced UI language.

            public App()
                private String overrideLanguage = "fr-FR";

                if (Debugger.IsAttached == true && overrideLanguage != null)
                    CultureInfo ci = new CultureInfo(overrideLanguage);
                    Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = ci;
                    Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = ci;

    Hope this helps.


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    @SheldonS:Thank you!  We have a lot of fun making the toolset better with each release and really like hearing from developers or their translation partners on how we can add to the fun. 

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    @bl1: I love that you work to make your app localizable from Day 1... ;)  That makes life so much simpler over time.  Please let us know your thoughts as you use MAT, just send us an email to and we will be listening and get back to you right away.

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